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Latest News and Events

Welcome to The Newsroom. The latest press releases issued by Canada's Wonderland and details on upcoming events are all here. Working members of the media are welcome to contact the park with inquiries.

World Record Roller Coaster and WinterFest Holiday Event Coming to Canada’s Wonderland in 2019

World Record Roller Coaster and WinterFest Holiday Event Coming to Canada’s Wonderland in 2019

August 15, 2018

When Canada’s Wonderland opens its gates for the 2019 season, the park’s skyline will be forever transformed...

Canada’s Wonderland to Host Month-Long Birthday Party for Canada

Canada’s Wonderland to Host Month-Long Birthday Party for Canada

June 25, 2018

Canada’s Wonderland is hosting a month–long party with Celebration Canada, featuring a spectacular firework display on July 1st, and performances by the West Coast Lumberjacks, Cirque Canadien, Flying Frontenacs, Great Canadian Fiddle Show and more.

Canada’s Wonderland Hosts Fireworks and Birthday Bash on Victoria Day Long Weekend 

Canada’s Wonderland Hosts Fireworks and Birthday Bash on Victoria Day Long Weekend 

May 15, 2018

Canada’s Wonderland celebrates its 37th birthday this Victoria Day long weekend with an explosive fireworks show, discounted tickets and live entertainment for the whole family.

Canada’s Wonderland Opens with Two New Attractions and Exciting Entertainment Lineup

Canada’s Wonderland Opens with Two New Attractions and Exciting Entertainment Lineup

April 26, 2018

Canada’s Wonderland, the nation’s premier amusement park, opens its gates this month for an exciting season with thrilling new ride Lumberjack, interactive family ride Flying Canoes, and an extensive entertainment lineup of live shows, food festivals, a month-long Celebration Canada event and more.

Canada’s Wonderland Ready to Hire 4,000+ Seasonal Employees     

Canada’s Wonderland Ready to Hire 4,000+ Seasonal Employees       

January 25, 2018

Canada’s Wonderland’s seasonal hiring has kicked off with applications open for a variety of positions including Lifeguards, Food and Beverage, Culinary, Ride Operator, Security, Grounds Maintenance, Retail, Entertainment and more. 

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Media Contacts

The Canada’s Wonderland Public Relations Department welcomes inquiries and visits from credentialed members of the news media for the production of high quality news features and programs about the Park.

Please direct media inquiries to: 
Canada’s Wonderland Public Relations Department
9580 Jane Street 
Vaughan, ON, L6A 1S6

Grace Peacock, Director of Communications
Office: 905-832-7480 (Media Calls Only)
Fax: 905-832-7419

High resolution images, logos and B-roll are available upon request.

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Media Ticket Requests

The ticket program for non-working media visits is now closed for the year. Visit back when our season opens for information on the 2019 program. 

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Blogger and Influencer Program

Are you a Blogger, Influencer or YouTuber with a strong following and a knack for storytelling and sharing experiences? Our partnership program is now closed for the year, however, you can visit back in early 2019 for next year's application information. We'd love to hear from you!

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Broadcast Policies

The following guidelines are to be observed at all times. These guidelines have been established for the safety of our guests and associates. Thank you for your cooperation.

All media representatives with photo, radio, video and/or TV equipment MUST be accompanied by an assigned Public Relations and/or Canada’s Wonderland escort AT ALL TIMES while on Park property.

All photo/radio/video/TV media representatives are to remain on midway areas only, and are never allowed in any restricted areas except by special permission from Public Relations.

Taping, filming and photographing inside show venues during performances is not allowed, except by special permission from Public Relations and the performers involved. Even with this permission, no show can ever be recorded in its entirety.

Media representatives and all associated production activities are not allowed to inconvenience park guests in any way.

Photo/Video/TV cameras, tape recorders and cellular phones are not allowed on any ride or attraction except by special permission from Public Relations. Media Services maintains a complete library of B-roll footage and still photos of all major rides, shows and attractions.

Media representatives may interview guests only with the explicit consent of that guest and Public Relations.

Media representatives are allotted a maximum time of four (4) hours to complete their assignment. Time extensions require permission from a Public Relations representative.

Media Events

From time to time, Canada’s Wonderland will host events for the media at the park. To assist us in keeping our media contact lists current, please send information to:

Access to media events is restricted and by invitation only. Invitations are usually non-transferable and specific criteria may apply. Canada’s Wonderland reserves the right to refuse access at our discretion.

Non-Working Media Events

For the last many years, the park has hosted an annual Media Day. This is an exclusive, highly anticipated event. Select members of the media are invited to visit the park as guests with their immediate families to review the features of the coming season. The event is usually held pre-season. Working crews are not accommodated on this event.

Access to this event is restricted. During the early spring, we review our media lists and create an invitation list that reflects the editorial agenda for the coming season. From year to year, our invitation list varies. Though we would like to invite a great many members of the media, the list is restricted to working editorial and executive media in the GTA, with a focus on news and entertainment. 

Working Media Events

On occasion, the park will host working media events of various designs and formats. These may be occasions where we will offer exclusive access to an attraction or event for the purpose of developing a news or entertainment story. We carefully review these opportunities to ensure that they are newsworthy. Further, we will ensure that we meet your needs in developing a comprehensive and informed piece by providing whatever support you require (i.e. technical support, press materials, interview opportunities, shot recommendations, etc.).

Drone Policy

All drones (Unmanned Aerial Systems) are prohibited at (in) all Cedar Fair parks, including Canada's Wonderland, with the sole exception of the company’s certified Pilot-In-Command listed on the park's Special Flight Operations Certificate. Any unauthorized drone(s) observed over Canada's Wonderland will be reported to Transport Canada and local law enforcement, regardless of its point of origin or operation. According to Transport Canada, drones must fly at least 30 metres away from vehicles and the public (if weighing more than 250g up to 1kg) or at least 75 metres away from vehicles and the public (if weighing more than 1 kg up to 35 kg). If it’s believed any drone flying near Canada’s Wonderland property poses a risk to public safety, the safety of staff and/or violates Transport Canada guidelines, it will be reported to the relevant authorities. 

Park History

The Park, that entertains millions annually, first opened for guests in 1981. 

Following an extensive site selection process by the Park’s developers, Maple (Vaughan) was finally chosen as the ideal location, due to its close proximity to Toronto and 400 series highways.

Initial construction of the Park commenced in April, 1979. During construction, Canadian companies partnered on the preliminary design and engineering of this massive project that involved 12 architectural and engineering firms and over 700 trades people. The Park sits on a 379 acre plot, 300 of which are currently developed.

Two years later, on May 23, 1981, Canada’s Wonderland was officially opened by then Premier of Ontario, William Davis, during a spectacular ceremony that included 10,000 helium balloons, 13 parachutists, 350 white doves, a pipe band and 4 children representing the Arctic, Pacific, Atlantic, and Great Lakes regions of Canada.

In 1993, Canada's Wonderland was acquired by Paramount Communications Inc., becoming part of its Paramount Parks division. Shortly thereafter, Canada's Wonderland became Paramount Canada's Wonderland, reflecting the Park's new association with Paramount Parks. 

On 14 May 2006, it was announced that Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. was interested in acquiring Canada's Wonderland. The acquisition was completed on 30 June 2006. As a result, in early January 2007 the Park referred back to its original name, "Canada's Wonderland". 

Cedar Fair's dedication to providing the best in family entertainment and guest service has kept guests coming back year after year. Today, with eleven amusement parks, four water parks, and one indoor water park, Cedar Fair is one of the largest and most successful amusement park operators in the world. 

Each season, Canada's Wonderland has introduced new attractions and features, investing an additional $250 million since the Park first opened. 

In 1983, Wonderland built the Kingswood Music Theatre, a state of the art 15,000 seat amphitheatre that has played host to many of music’s major artists. Currently, Kingswood hosts multiple Cultural Festivals throughout the season, featuring world renowned acts from across the globe.

In 1992, Canada's Wonderland became two parks in one with the addition of Splash Works, a 20 acre water park. Splash Works boasts Canada’s largest outdoor wavepool and over two million gallons of heated water attractions, including 18 speed slides and interactive water features. 

And most notably, throughout the Park’s first quarter century of operation, Wonderland has introduced some of North America’s most popular ride attractions, including such favourites as Flight Deck, The Fly, Drop Tower, The Bat, Skyrider, Vortex, Psyclone and Silver Streak. Behemoth, which premiered in 2008, set the stage for thrills with a climb to a height of 230 feet (70.1M), followed by an adrenaline pumping 75 degree drop with speeds reaching 125 kilometers per hour in 3.9 seconds, and a track length of over 5,300 feet (1,616M). 

In 2012, the park premiered Dinosaurs Alive - a seven acre dinosaur park, with more than 40 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs. The Jurassic themed environment features fun and educational exhibits including an interactive dig site! The park also unveiled Leviathan, one of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world. Riders climb to a record breaking 306 feet (97.7M) followed by an exhilarating 80 degree drop, reaching speeds of 148 kilometers per hour. Leviathan is the park's 16th coaster and positions Canada's Wonderland as one of the top coaster destinations in the world! 

2014 set the stage for a thrilling new interactive 4-D dark ride inside the depths of Wonder Mountain, with the introduction of Wonder Mountain’s Guardian. Riders experience stunning 3D effects overlaid with 4-D elements, encountering mythical creatures on a quest that culminates in an ultimate battle with a heart stopping finale that will shock thrill seekers of all ages! 

In 2015, park launched the most extensive special event line-ups in park history. Alongside new attractions in Splash Works, Typhoon and Splash Station, the 2015 season was filled with extreme thrills and great family entertainment.

In 2016, Canada’s Wonderland took guests to new heights with the addition of two new rides that captured the imagination of both families, and thrill-seekers, as they took flight in an interactive flying experience with Skyhawk and Flying Eagles. Skyhawk riders take control of their own cockpit, showcasing their flying abilities as they maneuver through 360 degree turns, and challenge themselves to engage in multiple inversions at 135 feet in the air. Flying Eagles thrills little pilots and will quickly become a family favourite for parents and children alike. These two-person planes will glide 28 feet above the ground and allow each rider to control their flight and ride experience. 

In 2017, Canada’s Wonderland showcased two new unique and adrenaline-pumping attractions with the addition of towering water slides in Splash Works and a new thrill ride that was the first of its kind in North America. Muskoka Plunge, a 60 ft. (18 m) tall waterslide complex featuring four speed slides, had riders feeling the adrenaline rush by stepping into an enclosed launch chamber and plummeting into a high-speed free-fall through S-curves and 360° loops at speeds of approximately 40 km/h. Canada’s Wonderland also introduced Soaring Timbers, a unique ride experience that sends guests spiraling through the sky on two massive rotating and sweeping gondolas. 

The 2018 season promises more thrills and family fun, with the addition of two new rides and a Splash Island expansion. Lumberjack will take guests for a thrilling ride on two swinging axe pendulums, propelling them into the sky with their feet dangling through 360 degree loops. With inversions reaching up to 75 feet high, Lumberjack will give riders the sensation of an inverted coaster loop! The all-new Flying Canoes will be an interactive family ride that will allow riders to control their journey of flight in two-person canoes. And children will get more water play with the expansion of Splash Island kiddie pool in our water park and the addition of new interactive spray features. 

With more than 200 attractions, 77 rides, Splash Works, great live shows and more, Canada's Wonderland is the perfect summer destination!

Attractions Timeline

  • 1981 - Park Opens
  • 1982 - Kings Courtyard
  • 1983 - Kingswood Music Theatre
  • 1984 - White Water Canyon
  • 1985 - Skyrider
  • 1986 - Thunder Run
  • 1987 - The Bat
  • 1988 - Racing Rivers
  • 1989 - Timberwolf Falls
  • 1990 - Jet Scream
  • 1991 - Vortex
  • 1992 - Splash Works
  • 1993 - Kid's Kingdom
  • 1994 - Action Theatre featuring Days Of Thunder
  • 1995 - Flight Deck
  • 1996 - Xtreme Skyflyer and Splash Works Expansion with White Water Bay, Pump House & Black Hole
  • 1997 - Drop Tower and Speed City Raceway
  • 1998 - KidZville, The Edge Climbing Wall, and James Bond - License To Thrill inside Action Theatre
  • 1999 - The Fly, Escape from Dino Island 3D inside Action Theatre, and Splash Works Expansion with Super Soaker & The Plunge
  • 2000 - Riptide and Boo Blasters on Boo Hill
  • 2001 - Shockwave, 7th Portal inside Action Theatre, and Zoom Zone with Silver Streak, Blast Off! and Jumpin' Jet
  • 2002 - Psyclone and Splash Works Expansion with Barracuda Blaster & Riptide Racer
  • 2003 - Sledge Hammer, Nickelodeon Central, and Launch Pad
  • 2004 - Time Warp
  • 2005 - Backlot Stunt Coaster and Halloween Haunt
  • 2006 - Hollywood Stunt Spectacular
  • 2007 - Endless Summer on Ice
  • 2008 - Behemoth
  • 2010 - Planet Snoopy
  • 2011 - WindSeeker and Starlight Spectacular
  • 2012 - Leviathan and Dinosaurs Alive!
  • 2014 - Wonder Mountain's Guardian 
  • 2015 - Splash Works Expansion with Typhoon & Splash Station
  • 2016 - Skyhawk & Flying Eagles
  • 2017 - Soaring Timbers & Muskoka Plunge
  • 2018 - LumberJack, Flying Canoes and Splash Island Expansion 'Lakeside Lagoon'

Fun Facts


  • More than 50,000 pounds of bulk candy are sold in a season. That’s the average size of 5 adult elephants!
  • International Street’s Pizza Pizza sells more pizza slices that any other Pizza Pizza location in Ontario, even though we are only open for 130 days a year!
  • More than 120,000 foot long hotdogs are consumed in a season, equivalent to the length of 23 Behemoths!
  • If you stacked all of the 135,957 whole pizzas sold in the Park during the 2017 season on top of each other, they would equal the height of Skyhawk 66 times!
  • In the 2017 season, the Park sold more than 247,000 Funnel Cakes!


  • Half a million stuffed toys are won at the Park each season.


  • The park is situated on 300 acres, with more than 200 attractions including 16 roller coasters, two children's areas and a 20-acre water park Splash Works. 
  • The Park has close to 6,000 trees and 75,000 shrubs.
  • The Park’s parking lot is over 3 million square feet with 10,300 parking spaces. It would be able to hold over 50 cruise ships!
  • The Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday and Labour Day Weekend firework celebrations use in excess of 6,000 fireworks hitting heights of over 600 feet (183m).
  • Canada’s Wonderland has over 795,000 fans on Facebook.
  • During the Park’s Opening Ceremonies on May 23, 1981, Wayne Gretzky made a special guest appearance to raise the Canadian flag.


  • Wonder Mountain originally had a red beacon at the top peak to alert planes of the structure. This was due to the Maple Airport that was once located on the other side of Jane Street near Major Mackenzie.
  • 30,000 gallons of water flows over Victoria Falls every minute.


  • Canada’s Wonderland has the third most roller coasters among all amusement parks in the world.
  • It would take 154,567,128 bottles of water to fill Splash Works.
  • Number of stairs up Leviathan lift hill – 430.
  • Number of stairs up Behemoth lift hill – 322.
  • Longest roller coaster in the Park – Leviathan at 5486 feet long (1,672m)
  • Shortest roller coaster in the Park is Taxi Jam at 205 feet long (62m)
  • Fastest roller coaster in the Park – Leviathan 148km/h and one of the top 10 fastest in the world.
  • Fastest non-coaster in the Park – Drop Tower 100km/h.
  • Before its departure after the 1994 season, Zumba Flume gave over 14,000,000 rides (14,398,530)
  • Sledge Hammer is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ attraction with no other similar ride ever built.
  • Dragon Fire was originally built to operate with three trains. During testing it was discovered that it only allowed 22 seconds to unload/load each train. The third train was eventually modified and used on The Bat.
  • Canada’s Wonderland is home to 2 unique carousels, with 106 horses to ride.
  • Canada’s Wonderland’s WindSeeker was the first of its kind to open in the world.
  • In 2017, Soaring Timbers had  302,076 riders for its inaugural season.
  • In 2017, Leviathan had the highest ridership on a particular ride with 1,594,657.
  • In 2017, the total rides given since Park open (not including Splash Works) on all rides that ever existed is 827,485,938.
  • In 2017, the highest ridership on any ride (since 1981) goes to Dragon Fire with 41,570,251.