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Live Entertainment Auditions

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Live Entertainment Auditions

Canada’s Wonderland, Canada’s premier amusement park, is home to more than 200 attractions and amazing live shows, special events and street festival entertainment that excites families, food lovers, thrill seekers and guests of all ages all season long. On select days in the fall, Canada’s Wonderland has family-friendly Halloween fun at Camp Spooky with scare-free attractions, live shows, costume parties, mazes, and more. Then on select fall evenings, the park is transformed from a theme park to a scream park at Halloween Haunt with hundreds of monsters, terrifying attractions, scare zones and live shows.

We are looking for singers, dancers, actors and musicians for our upcoming Summer season, as well as for our Halloween Haunt  and WinterFest events!

Are you ready to take center stage?
Whether a performer, technician, or stage manager, every role at Canada’s Wonderland Live Entertainment is a starring role.

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Upcoming Audition Dates

2020 Performer Auditions

Audition Dates
Sunday, February 23

  • Registration begins at 11:00am for Singers, Actors, and Musicians
  • Registration begins at 12:00pm for Dancers

Please bring an up to date headshot and performance resume including references and your availability dates.

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Positions Available

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Singers & Dancers

Singers: Please come prepared with two up-tempo songs in pop or rock style. An accompanist will be provided. Bring sheet music in the proper key or pre-recorded track emailed in advance to or on a device with aux connection. Please be dressed for movement with appropriate footwear – singers may be asked to stay for a dance call.

Dancers: Please come dressed for movement with appropriate footwear


Musicians should prepare two short pieces: one upbeat pop or rock piece and one piece that shows your technique. Vocals are a plus! Please prepare a vocal selection if you sing. You may accompany yourself. All of our instrumentalists play an active role in our shows – stage presence and personality are a must! A keyboard and drum kit will be available – all other instruments should be brought to your audition.

Improvisational and Character Actors

Actors should prepare a short comedic monologue appropriate for a family theme park atmosphere.  You may be asked to improvise with other performers during your audition.

Costume Characters

Canada’s Wonderland features the PEANUTS™ family of characters. All applicants must be between 4'-6" and 5'-3". Previous experience in children's theatre, character costume performance, and related experience is helpful but not required. Must be physically able to handle the demands of working in a full body costume, including heat, limited visibility, and limited mobility. Candidates may be asked to complete a movement audition in character costume.

Stage Managers and Technicians

We are looking for professional stage managers with sound and lighting experience, audio technicians with front of house and monitor live mixing experience, stagehands with rigging experience, & lighting technicians. Please fill out an online application for consideration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can't Make It to the Auditions? Submit a Video.

Video auditions may be sent via DVD or USB to the mailing address below, or you may email us the link to your video reel at: Email submissions are preferred.

Those who are interested in auditioning in more than one area can send one video containing all audition/interview pieces on it.

Video Requirements for All Auditions 
Applicants must be at least 16 years old before starting to work.

Please include: Video, head shot, performance resume (with references) and cover letter stating your availability dates, up to date contact information, specific employment interest, and a detailed synopsis of video content. (These materials cannot be returned.)

At the beginning of your video, please give us a mini interview by stating your name, a little bit about yourself, and your training and/or experience to give us an insight into your personality and character.

If applicable, please include any portion of past or current productions that show your performing experiences and training.

Video Requirements for a SINGING Audition 
Prepare 2 up-tempo vocal selections in varying styles. One of your selections may be Broadway piece, but please keep in mind that most of our shows consist of pop and classic rock & roll. Please, NO A CAPPELLA, classical, or original compositions. Females: Please demonstrate a warm belt. Males: Please show vocal range.

Video Requirements for DANCING Auditions 
Prepare approximately a 2-minute Jazz style combination. You may also include a second dance piece displaying your strongest style of dance. i.e. ballet, hip-hop, or any combination of styles.

In addition to the combinations, please execute any other floor movements that you do well. (i.e. turns, jumps, leaps, specialty moves). These do not have to be done to music.

Video Requirements for ACTING Auditions 
Prepare a short comedic monologue appropriate for a family-park atmosphere. Please also include any video you may have improvisational skills.

Video Requirements for INSTRUMENTAL Auditions 
Please prepare 2 selections of varying styles, choosing music that is upbeat and positive. Prepare one pop, rock, or jazz piece and one piece that shows your technique.

Please, no highly progressive jazz or hard rock.

Limit videos to approximately five minutes.

Vocals are a plus! Please include a vocal selection if you sing. You may accompany yourself.

All of our instrumentalists play an active role in our shows – stage presence and personality are a must! Be sure to perform while playing on video.

Video Requirements for a KARAOKE DJ 
Please send a video showing your personality. Remember, it should be appropriate for a family-style atmosphere.

Video Requirements for a PEANUTS(TM) COSTUME CHARACTER
Expand upon the mini-interview. Please include any experience you may have in costumed character work, dance, children’s theatre, and/or recreation. Also, include any experiences working with children.

Please keep in mind the following height requirements: You must be 4’ 6” – 5’ 3” (BFOQ). Those that do not meet these requirements can be considered for a cohort or usher position.

Please mail audition materials to: 
Canada’s Wonderland
Entertainment Department
Attention: Julie Skene
9580 Jane Street
Vaughan, Ontario 
L6A 1S6

Or email to:

General Audition Information

  • The minimum age for all Entertainment performers 16.  A limited number of positions for 15 year old applicants are available in the costumed character department.  The minimum age for all technicians is 17 years old.
  • WORKING HOURS: A performer work day includes approximately 4-6 shows per day varying in length from 15 to 35 minutes each, plus any necessary rehearsals scheduled by the production staff. Working hours and days off vary according to show assignments. Technicians work approximately 40 hours per week, with shifts dependent upon theatre assignments. Costume Shop personnel work approximately 20-40 hours per week. Peanuts Characters may be asked to perform at special functions as needed in addition to their regular work week.
  • Canada’s Wonderland will furnish costumes, shoes, and a limited supply of socks/tights. Females may be asked to supply their own make-up.

Pay Rates

  • Children’s Show Hosts and Musicians: $124-$144 daily
  • Singers, Singers/Dancers, Dancers: $144-$200 daily
  • Technical Staff and Costume Shop Staff: Starting at $16.00 per hour
  • Stage Managers: $15.50-$16.65 per hour
  • PEANUTS™ Characters: $112 daily