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Which Canada's Wonderland Ride are You?

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Which Canada's Wonderland ride are you?

Nicoleta Micle

  Digital Marketing Manager 

Have you ever wondered what ride is really made for you? Are you a ride warrior? Or do you prefer keeping your feet on the ground? Well, folks, strap yourselves in, keep your hands and feet inside the train at all times and find out which Wonderland ride you are with our quick quiz:

Q 1 ) Have you ever gone bungee jumping or sky diving?

  1. Yes, I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again
  2. I would like to go, but I haven’t yet
  3. Are you insane? I would never.
  4. I might go, I’ll think about it

Q 2) If we asked your friends to describe you, what would they say you are?

  1. Adventurous
  2. Outgoing and bubbly
  3. Chill
  4. Proudly introverted

Q 3) What is your favourite movie genre?

  1. Action
  2. Comedy
  3. Family Friendly 
  4. Drama

Q 4) Think back to when you were a kid on a bike at the top of a big hill. What would you do?

  1. Go straight down the hill without thinking twice. No brakes!
  2. Take a moment to enjoy the view and then proceed.
  3. Walk my bike down. 
  4. Ride the bike, dragging my feet and pumping my brakes. 

Q 5) If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

  1. Move at lightning speed
  2. Flying
  3. Super Strength
  4. Mind control

Q 6) Which colour do you like most?

  1. Red
  2. Purple
  3. Yellow
  4. Blue

 Q 7) If you were at a pool with your friends what would you do?

  1. Dive from the tallest platform.
  2. Go down the slide.
  3. Lounge by the pool.
  4. Do some laps and then be done.

Q 8) If you were an animal which would you be?

  1. Lion
  2. Dog
  3. Cat
  4. Monkey

Q 9) Your ideal weekend would consist of:

  1. Spending a full-day at Canada’s Wonderland
  2. Checking out a new restaurant with good friends
  3. Sleeping in and relaxing
  4. Catching up on my favourite shows

Q 10) What do you do in your free time?

  1. Plan my next fun adventure
  2. Play video games
  3. Go for walks and get outside
  4. Shop online

Share your results in the comments below!


Mostly 1’s

You are Leviathan! Nothing excites you more than a fast roller coaster and a rush of adrenaline! You have tons of energy and want to make the most of your day on Canada’s Wonderland’s most thrilling rides – usually, riding them over and over.

Mostly 2’s

You are Vortex! You enjoy the simple things in life, the company of good friends and diverse thrills with awesome views! You value a classic, but also look for the unique thrills at Canada’s Wonderland. Not too extreme but just enough to satisfy the Ride Warrior in you.

Mostly 3’s

You are Lazy River! You value self-care and me-time. Cooling off in a gentle current during a hot day is your favourite way to spend time. You’d prefer to unwind and relax than feel your stomach drop! 

Mostly 4’s

You are Vikings Rage! You like a thrill that you can anticipate and control. Cool and calm, you don’t feel the need to change an already good thing! You enjoy riding some of Canada’s Wonderland’s traditional rides. 


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Nicoleta Micle

  Digital Marketing Manager 

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